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Medical Orientation for New Employees

Knowing where to access appropriate medical services can be challenging when you are new to an unfamiliar environment and without your usual support system. Therefore we will take your new employees by the hand and support you with:

  • Pre- departure assistance for new employees.
  • Information about how to navigate the local health care system.
  • Assessment of client’s medical needs to select appropriate health care facilities.
  • Medical orientation tours to selected medical facilities.
  • Information about where to get appropriate assistance in a medical emergency.

Health Facility Evaluation

Are you planning to provide medical coverage for your employees but are not sure which healthcare facility to choose from? Or are you interested in a certain service provider but are not sure whether services offered would meet your company's needs? We will find the best match for your organization, meet with your selections and provide you with a detailed report about our findings with regards to:

  • General background information of the facility
  • Available services
  • A price list of common services
  • Available billing options
  • Available fast- track options for corporate clients
  • Any special request you may have needed sorted out

First Aid Training Setup

Minimizing risk of harm to employees and decreasing workplace incidents is not only a benefit to everyone, but for employers it has special implications within all aspects of business operations. One of the best ways for employers to meet their legal and moral obligations towards their employees is to provide First Aid training and maintain First Aid knowledge of their workers. Whether you already have a trained team or are now planning to establish one, we will assist you with the following:

  • Options of available first aid training providers in Accra.
  • Overview of training contents.
  • Price comparison between training providers.
  • Assistance to set-up a first responder team.
  • Set-up of training and refresher courses at either your premises or the providers training academy.
  • Sourcing of first aid kits.
  • Reminder of refresher courses.

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