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10 Tips on how to survive Culture Shock in Ghana

In our last post we looked at the fact, that expats are subjected to a high level of stress due to a variety of reasons, which could lead to the development of mental health issues. Today, we will be looking at the well- known phenomenon of “Culture Shock”.   But what exactly is Culture Shock? 

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Your Thoughts Matter- Or why Expats need to have successful strategies at hand to cope with Mental Health Threats

The subject of mental health for expats has gained a lot of publicity during the last few years, and more and more experts as well as corporate entities acknowledge the fact, that developing strategies to maintain excellent mental health, play an integral role in overall happiness and expat employee placement success.   Mental Health and

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Is it safe to brush your teeth with pipe water in Ghana?

This is indeed a reasonable question that travelers to Ghana should ask themselves. In today’s post we will share with you some interesting facts about where the water, which flows through your tap in Ghana, actually comes from.   Safe drinking water supply in Ghana faces a number of challenges. Without going too much into

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3 Common Health Mistakes to avoid as a Volunteer in Ghana

  Soon, the major holiday season is approaching. Deciding to spend some time away from home on a volunteer trip to Ghana is an amazing experience and will leave you undoubtedly with unforgettable memories for your entire life! Whether you decide to teach others, help build communities or venture into the medical field……To make your

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15 Facts Travelers To Ghana Should Know About Malaria

On April 25 every year, countries around the world observe World Malaria Day, to renew their commitment to fight the disease and to advance in research, prevention and treatment options. This year’s event will take place in Paris and is labeled “Zero Malaria starts with me”. According to the World Health Organization’s latest “World Malaria

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